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We offer to buy industrial sewing equipment, embroidery machines of famous trademarks STROBEL, MAIER, DURKOPP-ADLER, ZOJE, PEGASUS, AMF REECE, WTO ROTONDI group.

It is difficult to imagine modern sewing production without high-quality sewing machines. We offer the most highly productive models of conventional and automatic machines. We can buy industrial sewing and embroidery machines for equipment of sewing factories, studios, sewing workshops for sewing curtains, bed linen, underwear, knitwear, children's clothing, jackets, coats, suits, wedding dresses. We offer sewing equipment for the production of big bags, mattresses, covers for cars, soft toys, upholstered furniture.

In addition to sewing equipment, we realize one of the main attributes of sewing production, without which not a single thing is produced - jacquard labels. We have jacquard labels, woven labels, embroidered labels, pendant zipper tags, logo labels.

Labels and tags that are in our catalog of goods, produced in Turkey on high-quality equipment. We work directly with six factories - manufacturers of labels, so the products you ordered will be produced and delivered in the shortest possible time - 7-14 days.

Sewing and embroidery equipment, which can be bought in our online store, has the main advantages: the highest quality and low price. For customers of your online store, we often hold promotions and arrange sales.

We sell sewing and embroidery machines throughout Ukraine. Labels are delivered in Ukraine and CIS countries. Delivery of goods is carried out after receiving 100% payment by transport companies "New mail", "Intime". Delivery in the CIS countries is carried out by courier to Belgorod, and then by any transport company. Shipping cost is paid by buyers.

We can order all the goods that are in the catalog, but we can deliver labels and equipment to order. If you need high-quality sewing equipment at an optimally affordable price, please contact the contact numbers listed on our website!


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Адреса реєстрації: 61174, Харківська обл., м. Харків, просп. ЛЮДВІГА СВОБОДИ, буд. 57, кв. 701. Адреса поштова: м. Харків, вул. Карла Маркса, 13, оф. 12.
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